5 Personality Traits that Separate Military Men From Civilians

| Anoushka Thapliyal

Collins dictionary defines an Army officer, “as a person in the Army who holds a position of authority, responsibility, and duty especially one who holds a commission.” If we start discussing differences between a military personnel and a civilian it’ll take a fortnight to compare basic points. Such are the attributes of soldiers and officers in defense.

Below listed are 5 ways personality of military personnel differs from civilians:

#1 Posture


If you spot a man standing with a slouch, chances are, he is a civilian. One attractive attribute of a defense personnel is their body language. You would never see a military man with a hunchback posture. Even when they are tired and running low on energy, they have the capability to stand straight and tall. Good body posture exuberates self-confidence and self- care while bad posture is usually an attribute of a man who blends in, under the societal pressure.

#2 Composure


It’s very rare that you will find an officer/ soldier to lose his calm. Military men/women are trained to think with their rational mind. They have a certain broad mindedness that most of the civilian population lack. When faced with a moral dilemma, an officer would think of all possible solutions and will go with the one with the best output, all while holding his composure.

#3 Dressing style

Dressing style

A military personnel spends most of their commissioned life in uniform. They know that appearances matter and there can be no compromise with quality. Even out of the uniform, their shirts will always be crisply ironed and shoes polished. Sharp and good quality clothes add to one’s background. Clothing discipline is a must if one wishes to be taken seriously.

#4 Confidence


There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. You can often notice, people in defence exuberate confidence. This conviction comes from years worth of field training which smothers the indecisive part of you, only give give rise to headstrong man/ woman who’s not afraid to follow the course of action with all necessary means possible.

#5 Discipline


A man in uniform knows what to do and when to do it.

Discipline is important for people in the military as it brings stability and structure to their day to day lives while generating responsibility and respect.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “With self-discipline everything is possible”. With that and several other mottos, our men and women in defense know that no mountain is un-climbable and no wall un-breachable.

Subsuming self-discipline in your day to day life can help you avoid mistakes and boost self-confidence.

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