5 Tips to charm your way through this party season

| Anoushka Thapliyal

It’s that time of the year again! As Ms. Preity Zinta eloquently said in Kal ho na ho, It’s the time to disco! Well not exactly Disco (This is not the 70s) but you get the gist. The new year is upon us again and like every passing year, we’re baffled how quickly it came and went. Nonetheless, it’s party season and like me, most of you would be giddy with excitement and preparing for the upcoming christmas and new year parties.

You don’t know what’s going to happen but you’d surely want to put your best foot forward. Most of you would be going out on first dates, celebrating anniversaries, spreading Christmas joy or reminiscing the past year. No matter what, you’d want to be remembered. So here are 5 tips on how you can make a place for yourself in peoples fond memories.


Dress it up a little

Dress well. I know it’s pretty obvious but peoples definition of ‘well’ is subjective. My well could be a nice maroon cardigan and yours could be white shirt with a bedazzled blazer. Please don’t wear a bedazzled blazer, unless it’s a themed party; then you can do whatever you want.

Think about the the kind of party you’re going to. Will it be black tie event? A house party? A clubbing event? You never want to be under or overdressed. For formal office or family parties, a nice suit, classy shoes, expensive watch and a cashmere muffler around your neck would be perfect. For a casual clubbing affair, a light colored (blue, lavender, white) turtleneck with leather jacket and denim jeans. Lastly, if it’s a house party, then you can go all out because most of the people that are going to attend are already familiar with you. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look good in party pictures; i would suggest a nice sweater over a light colored button down shirt and jeans with boots. You can always layer your clothes, i haven’t met anyone who hasn’t looked good in layers.


Put your best shoe forward

Shoes are an important part of the outfit. You should know this already. You can’t wear crocs or vans at a nice party. You have to dress up, it’s not one of those days where you can put on a hoodie, sandals with socks and call it your best work. Your shoes are the first things women notice about you. Cheap shoes or old tattered shoes will not help you score the ladies.

If you want women to remember you after the alcohol has gotten out of their systems, then you need to make a lasting impression and wearing sharp shoes can help you with that. If you’re going for a nice date night, office or family party then you can wear oxfords, derby’s, brogues with your formal or semiformal outfits. But if going clubbing, houseparty or a bar, you can surely dress more casual and opt for chukka boots, timberlands, or chelsea boots. Though these shoes also come in suede, polyurethane, synthetic fibre and what not; real leather has its own charm and can easily be differentiated from its cheaper versions.


How much booze is too much booze?

We all like to party and what’s a real party without alcohol? You wait for big occasions just so you could drink as much as you want. Let loose. Let go of all the inhibitions weighing you down. What better way to do it than with a little rum and coke, gin and tonic, some sauvignon blanc or if you’re a purist, then a neat drink on the rocks. Whatever your poison maybe, you should remember it for what it is. Poison. It makes you feel better for a while and a lot worse after that.

If you’re merely acquainted with the people you’re friends with, would you really wish to get shit faced with them, or you’d like to go easy on the alcohol so that they remember you as the classy gentleman with whom they had a great time.

This new years be the designated driver instead of the drunk who needs continuous care. Instead of throwing up everywhere, kiss your sweetheart at midnight, it’ll make for a far better story in the future.


Gluttony is a sin

In all my life, i haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like food. Unless you’re a complete snobbish health freak or have way too many allergies, you have to appreciate good food. If you’d ask me, what’s the best time you’ve ever had? I’d in a heartbeat reply, ‘Every time i’ve had good food and great company’. It’s that simple.

But should you hog down everything on the menu just because you payed for the passes or you got an invite? Think about it. Are you there to socialize, have fun or get diarrhea the next day because you couldn’t stop your mouth. I know you need food to go with alcohol and you can’t very well drink empty stomached but only consume as much food as you can digest.

Nobody likes talking to people who’re busy stuffing their mouths. You also need to consider your date or company, what would they think about you when you’re more interested in food than them and your breath smells like garlic and onion when the clock strikes midnight.


Not all Superheros wear capes

Imagine you’re dancing with your woman and having a good time. Suddenly some random sleazy guy comes up and tries to cop a feel off your woman. How would you feel? Or how would the woman feel? This me too revolution is not a joke. Women have been suxually harrased by men throughout their lives and nobody wants to experience that especially not when they’re out partying in a safe space.

So this party season if you really find a woman attractive, go and try talking to her, ask for her number. Groping and predatory nature will only lead in a jail.

If you see a woman uncomfortable or being harassed, help her. Be the man your mum raised you to be. Little actions by you can be heroism for others.

Be an authentic man this season, be the man this country needs.

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