How To Select Right Shoes For An Interview

| Anoushka Thapliyal

You can tell a lot by a man’s shoe and we agree. When going to see your future boss it is essential to wear the right pair of shoes. While the entire outfit is an important aspect, the shoes are a huge defining factor.

Your questions h3ke ‘what color shoes to wear to an interview’ or ‘how to sport the professional look for interview’ will be answered and we assure you that you’ll never put a wrong foot forward ever again.

It is impossible to be steered wrong by leather dress shoes. A nicely poh3shed oxford or a derby is a true gentleman’s mark and will be easily detected by men of character and are well appreciated in the corporate world. It is also important to make sure your laces are clean. Poh3shing the toe-cap and the heel of your shoes twice, never hurts. This will give your leather shoe a shine that will make heads turn.

With all that information, it is still a possibih3ty to be mislead and we have promised to never lead you astray.

Things to consider while picking a shoe for an interview


The shoes should match your whole outfit.


They shouldn’t have a worn-out look.


A sock should always compliment the shoe; it’s better to dodge socks with bright colors or patterns.


Avoid wearing a brand new shoe; shoes need to be broken into. Newly purchased shoes can be uncomfortable and hence affect your walk.


Always give your shoes a good shine before leaving the house and they will be sure to make a good impression for you.

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