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5 Things that make you a "WANNABE"

| Anoushka Thapliyal

Urban dictionary describes a wannabe as someone who is a charlatan of sorts. If simply put, someone who wants to be someone they’re not.

You must be thinking, why am i even reading this? I am surely not a wannabe.

Ofcourse not.

But since you’re here already who not read through the whole thing? The least this article can do is help you detect the wannabe people in your life.

So do have a look below to check if you’re really cool or just pretending. Hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

5 things you’re sure to see in a wannabe


Fake charm

You know who they are, the ones that’ll laugh at every joke no matter how unfunny the joke is. The ones butting in every conversation that’s unrelated to them. The ones thinking that their opinion is the only one that matters. These people don’t realize the loudest voices aren’t always the correct ones.


Putting others down

The egos in such people is so big that they’ll keep comparing themselves to others. Trying to show the world how they’re better than the rest. The comparison never stops.

They always want to know about others path to success. How did he do it? Why her and not me? What’s so great about that person anyway? Things only go downhill from here.

A jealous person will always be in a fight with himself and will keep downgrading other people's achievements to make them feel better about themselves.


All talk and no work

A big mouth can land you in the most uncomfortable of places. You need to realize not everything can be your cup of tea. It’s better to let an expert handle situations than display your inexpertise by doing a poor job.

A race life might be, but you need to learn when to play your cards right.

Offering your services where it’s not required can and will lead to bigger mistakes and regrets.

So next time instead of offering to take lead in something you no nothing about, it’ll be better to stay shut than make fool out of yourself.



Wanna be people often foolishly take on a lot of work but always manage to put it off till the last moment.

They’re waiting for the “right time” to do their work and if left unfinished be ready with an excuse. No time is good enough for them.

They have their priorities straight and work is not it. There’s nothing you can say or do that’ll make them come out of their comfort zone.



The feeling of paranoia is often seen in wannabe’s. Cheating through your life can make it seem like the world’s out to get you. They feel every conversation is about them and people most often are talking behind their backs and since they are the one’s doing it, they feel everybody is.

Such feelings hold these people back. Stop them from actually going out and doing the right thing. If you related to somethings, I’d advise you to step out of the dream world and break the chain of unhealthy habits.

Use this blog to stop the constant envy and start working on becoming the person i know you want to and can become.

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