Top 10 Best Dressed Men On Television

| James Arthur

The idiot box sometimes can be a sight for sore eyes. Inspiration for men’s style is sometimes found in weirdest of shows like period dramas, crime shows, and even comedy sitcoms. Here we have selected best dressed men on television.


Lord Grantham and Matthew crawley (Downton Abbey)

Lord Grantham and Matthew crawley (Downton Abbey)
Source:Vanity fair

Downton Abbey ran for six seasons till 2015 and we still miss it. But what we miss most of all are the costumes designed by Anna Marie Scott Robins. Apart from great dresses and gowns of Lady Mary, costumes of Lord Grantham and his son-in-law Matthew Crawley were incredibly turned out.

In the post edwardian era of 1912-1926, Lord Grantham and Matthew Crawley have managed to maintain their style with Black suits, Double breasted uniforms and elegant tuxedos.


John James “Mr.Big” Preston (Sex and the City)

John James “Mr.Big” Preston (Sex and the City)
Source: Marie Claire

Sex and the city, a show about a woman named Carrie Bradshaw and her 3 best friends cruising through life of fashion and love in the hustle and bustle of New York city.

During the show’s run the only person that could have complimented Carrie Bradshaw's style was Mr.Big.

Like his name, Mr.Big was dashingly handsome and larger than life, someone who you’d notice immediately after they walk into the room. Chris Noth played the intriguing character with utter devotion while being dressed like a suave well suited Financier.


Prince Philip (The Crown)

Prince Philip (The Crown)
Source: Netflix

GQ’s Best dressed man of the year (2018) and popular from Doctor who fame, Matt Smith has portrayed young Prince Philip with seminal style.

Throughout his 2 season course of playing Philip, Smith has donned sleeveless jumpers, Double breasted blazers, waxed jackets, Tuxedos, Knitted sweaters, Naval uniform and several suits.

The impressive costumes were designed by Michele Clapton, Timothy Everest (season 1) and jane petrie (Season 2) with extreme grandiosity and yet subtlety which has won the show a Primetime Emmy for outstanding period costumes and a BAFTA for best costume design.


Barney Stinson (How i met your mother)

Barney Stinson (How i met your mother)
Source: Entertainment weekly

How i met your mother with its 9 season run had an ultimate fashion icon: Barney Stinson. Portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, Barney’s character wasn’t meant to be one of the lead characters but with Barney’s charm and charismatic portrayal, Neil cemented his position in the show with great humor and classic suits.

As Neil sung, “Nothing suits me like a suit” everyday to work, he wore a suit in almost every episode and took pride in his sense of gentlemanly style.

In short, He was Legen - wait for it… Dary.


Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
Source: Vogue

A dangerous man in his own right. Chuck bass played by Ed westwick was a manipulative, disrespectful and a possessive rich brat but Hot nonetheless.

Gossip girl showed the elite lifestyle of Upper east side New Yorkers with fashion icons like Blair waldorf, Serena van der woodsen and Charles Bartholomew Bass.

Chuck Bass’s fashion style was on point from season 1 which only evolved upwards till season 6. Bass, unashamed and undefeated sported bold colors and patterns in his suits and managed to get the girl in the end.


Neal Caffrey (White Collar)

Neal Caffrey (White Collar)
Source: Pinterest

Art connoisseur Neal Caffrey has taken wearing suits and accessorizing them, to a next level. Matt Bomer the man portraying Caffrey has shown that even the dullest of the suits can be worn with style and grace.

The show is about an ex-con, Caffrey working as an FBI informant and helping agent Peter burke catch white collar criminals.

During the course of the show he has worn slim fit suits, shirts with full spread collars, skinny ties, slim lapels and accessories like tie bars, skinny ties, pocket squares and even fedoras. Even though the show has been off air for some time, Bomer still manages to make women swoon around the world.


Harvey Specter and Mike Ross (Suits)

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross (Suits)
Source: USA Network

Is there anything hotter than powerful lawyers in suits? The show follows Mike Ross played by Patrick J.Adams, a brilliant college dropout who finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), one of New York city’s best lawyers.

Considered one of the best dressed men on Tv, Specter only wears Tom Ford three piece suits, while Ross shines in slender cut Burberry, Eton and Prada suits, says the costume designer for the show Jolie Andreatta.


Don Draper (Mad Men)

Don Draper (Mad Men)
Source: Frank ockenfels 3/AMC

A timeless man in a period drama dressed in grey two piece suit has managed to win millions of hearts worldwide. Mad men is a drama about most prestigious agencies in New York with special focus on mysterious and highly talented ad executive Donald Draper.

Played by the very handsome Jon Hamm, Draper even in 1960’s isn’t afraid to experiment with his clothing. Equipped with pieces like polo t-shirts, hats, dark striped ties, pocket squares and even plaid jackets/ suits, he has made the 60’s come to life.

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