Wardrobe Essentials For The Perfect Gentleman

| James Arthur

It’s not always easy to figure out your sense of style and a little advice here and there doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, fashion connoisseurs themselves have a little difficulty in assembling the perfect wardrobe. The wardrobe essentials for a gentleman aren’t a lot, and while buying clothes and shoes you need to make sure you’re making the right investment.

We advise you to have a look in your closet and check whether you have these essentials or not. And if not, feel free to donate the non-essentials and shop for new stuff which will surely help you develop your sense of style.


Oxford shirt

Oxford shirt

There is very little that won't go with a classic buttoned down oxford shirt.You can wear it with a suit, trousers, and even jeans. They key is to own one in pure cotton, as cotton is more comfortable and breathable it is sure to make you look at ease. Light colored shirts preferably, white, light blue, pastel colors are advised.


Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes

No we are not oxford obsessed. Oxford shoes are vital in making of a gentleman. They have a closed lacing system perfect for business and business casual attire. Oxfords come in great variety and you can choose the style you most resonate with. We would advise wholecut oxfords for Business wear, wingtip and balmoral oxfords for casual, cap toe and plain toe oxfords for business-casual. Black or Tan brown oxfords makes for a good look.




It’s one of the most obvious and critical piece in anyone's closet. With their invention in 1871 by Jacob W.Davis and Levis strauss corporation, jeans have been owned by people of all ages and gender. If you’re living your life in trousers and don’t own a pair. We suggest you go and buy blue denim jeans right now.



lace-up boots

A pair of sturdy boots is what every man needs. Ranger, Combat, Timberland (work) boots for rugged outdoorsy men and Chelsea, Jodhpur, Lace-up, Chukka for the metrosexual men. Chelsea and lace-up boots look great with well fitted suits and skinny jeans. Work boots go beautifully with skinny jeans and leather jacket, long line coats, Loose fitted trousers.



navy blue blazer

A navy blue blazer can transform you from a casually dressed teenage boy to a man who knows his stuff. The beauty of a dark blazer is that it can complement almost everything, be it casual modern or sophisticated traditional.


Bomber Jacket

skinny jeans with denim jacket

For the adventurous man in you. Bomber jackets have the tendency to make your body look fit and muscular. Light colored bomber jackets complement dark well fitted bottoms pretty good. For the Millenial man, skinny jeans with denim jacket is a staple. Never be afraid to sport double denim.



man with a suit

A man without a suit is a knife without a fork. When picking a suit, it is better to go with a navy blue or more versatile grey than just boring old black. Don’t get us wrong, black is a good classic choice but it will probably blend you in, than helping you stand out in a crowd.


Timeless watch

Timeless watch

Ian Fleming, author and creator of James Bond series once said, “A gentleman’s choice of time piece says as much about him as his savile row suit”. We don’t know about you but we can’t question the mastermind behind James Bond. There are only a few ways a man can accessorize. A good watch apart from telling the time, goes with everything in your closet.

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