5 ways to add class to your Engineering career

| James Arthur

Engineering is one the most toughest professions in today's date. Hell, it’s more difficult to get into a good engineering college than getting the education itself. And even if you manage to get the quality education, you still have it rough. Fret not, i’m here to help. Below i talk about five easy ways you can dress well and climb the corporate ladder effortlessly.

Casual is not always a bad thing

T-shirt overlapped with denim/bomber jacket

It’s understandable you spend a lot of time on your laptop burning the midnight oil and it can get extremely uncomfortable in a crisp white shirt and a blazer. I’d never ask you to do that anyway. What you can do is turn your wardrobe slightly up a notch.

It’s better to throw on a sweater over a casual shirt and wear your blue denims with a pin roll i.e roll the bottom and cuff it, overlapping the fabric together; repeat the process for higher cuffs. Another option could be a T-shirt overlapped with denim/bomber jacket.

Grooming suggests you care


Something i read on Instagram once really resonated with me. It said what makeup does for women, beard does for a man. If you haven’t hopped on the beard train yet, i’d suggest you do it now. The catch however, is you can’t just grow it willy nilly. Grooming your hair and beard is highly recommended.

But before following a grooming manual to the T, ask your barber what hairstyle should suit you best. Since daily hair wash can dry your scalp out, i’d suggest three washes/week with sulphate free shampoo followed by an oil massage. Organic wax for hair and pomade for beard is preferred for hydration and styling. Oh and it goes without saying, if a jungle grows in your nose and ears, a weekly trim is a must.

Comfortable shoe doesn’t equate to neglect

Comfortable shoe

Crocs, i believe are one of the most comfortable abominations of the century and should be avoided at all times. No situation could be so dire so as to make you turn to flip flops, sneakers or crocs for office wear.

Now shoes that you should turn to are casual boots. Namely, chelsea or chukka boots. These boots come in suede, leather, or synthetic materials. Though leather takes time to break in, it requires little or no care. While suede boots are more preferred, they get dirty easily and are difficult to maintain. But boots, nonetheless are a far better option than sandals.

Smell is a sense often overlooked

fragrances for men

The only thing that diminishes your prospects for success apart from your clothes is your body musk. Getting the ladies was hard enough and now your boss isn’t taking you seriously even though you’ve dressed to impress. It’s probably because of your body odour. But as we like to say here at Bonford, nothing is unsalvageable.

A good cologne can make people notice you with minimum effort but it’s always advised to not put on too much. Too much of anything can be a bad thing. For fragrance advice check out our top five fragrances for men.

Self hygiene is observable

Self hygiene

There are days when you’ve pulled an all nighter to finish a project and showering is the last thing on your mind before going to the office but trust me, people will notice. A good shower can alleviate a nights’ worth of tiredness and make you look fresh as a daisy.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is if your mouth tastes bad, it probably smells as bad. A couple of mints should do the trick.

It’s always advised to invest in a good face wash and moisturizer catering to the needs of your skin. A little self care goes a long way and a man who cares about himself is worth every respect he gets.

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