6 must haves to help your transition to winter

| Anoushka Thapliyal

Winter is the most magical and wonderful time of the year. Not just because of christmas and the presents that come with it (who doesn’t like presents?) But you can incessantly experiment with your clothes and still manage to look suave. The best part of winter clothing though? Layering. I haven’t met anyone who isn’t fond of layering. With the winter upon us, you really need to work on your winter wardrobe and we’re here to help you with it. Here’s 6 must haves for this winter season.



Origin of the turtleneck dates back to 15th century. They have remained strong through the ongoing storm of fashion revolutions. Although not admired by many, turtlenecks are one the most flattering pieces you could wear during the season. It’s absolutely impossible to look bad in a turtleneck. It gives an appearance of an elongated neck and is aggressively comfortable.

When i comes to colors, white adds character to your ensemble while dark colors like navy blue, brown and black will give you a flattering appearance.




Peacoats are double breasted overcoats and are usually made of wool.The name peacoat is originated from the Dutch word pije which basically means coat made from coarse wool fabric. The coat was made popular by British naval officers in the 19th century.

The coat deserves a place in a gentleman's wardrobe not only because of its good looks but also for its sturdy functionality. The best part? Dark colored peacoats can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.


Leather boots

For people suffering through hypothermia, feet are one of the first body parts warmed. So if we’re talking about warming up your body, how can we forget your feet?

Boots are preferred over any other footwear to power through the winter. Leather boots are good insulators and can keep your feet snug and warm. Chukka, hiking, chelsea, derby or desert boots are six classic boot styles that’ll make you look dapper through the season.


Padded or Quilted jacket

Different jackets give different vibes. Padded and quilted are two different kinds with completely different vibes. Padded jackets won’t actually give you a sleek look but will keep you warm. Quilted jackets will surely make you cozy and comfortable. It’s not easily pulled off by everyone but sleeveless quilted jackets are fancied by a lot of people.

Quilted jackets on the other hand are not as fluffed up as quilted jackets. They are a good fashion accessory and adds a flattering character. The only drawback? They aren’t very warm on their own. So if you live in a really cold place with subzero temperatures, quilted jackets can be used for layering.


Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy has been used as a fashion fabric since centuries. Everyone has owned and worn at least one pair of corduroy pants growing up.

Corduroy is making a major comeback. Fashion pieces made from corduroy are perfect for winter as they are good at keeping you cozy and warm.

The fabric is made of thickly twisted fibres which adds great texture to every outfit you assemble. The texture of the fabric also makes it highly durable, more durable than denim. Dark corduroy jackets pair well with graphic tees, denim jackets, combat boots, quilted jackets and chukka boots.


Leather gloves

What is a man without real leather? Just like your toes, your fingers need warmth as well and what’s better to warm you up than leather. Leather gloves have a special insulated design making it difficult for thermal energy to escape.

Leather gloves are famous for adding gentlemanly character to your outfit.

If you live in extreme climatic conditions where it snows almost nonstop, it's better to buy gloves lined with an extra layer of wool or cashmere.

Maroon, Navy blue, aubergine colored gloves can keep your hands warm and make you stand out in a crowd.

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