Do you own this classic essential?

| James Arthur

Do you own this classic essential?

Wholecuts have been a quintessential part of a well bred gentleman. For centuries men have polished their appearances with the subtle yet elegant Wholecut shoe.

What are wholecuts you ask? Handcrafted wholecuts are made from a single piece of leather, hence the name ‘whole-cut’. The ‘upper’ of each shoe is cut from a large and unblemished piece of leather and that is why these are the best shoes money can buy.

Wholecuts are not a new innovation, these shoes have been admired since centuries. Recently, well in 2008, world’s oldest wholecut leather shoe named Areni-1 was found in mint condition in a cave in Vayots Dzor of Armenia by Archaeologists Boris Gasparyan and Gregory Areshian. These shoes tailor made from a single piece of cowhide have been radiocarbon dated to 3,500 BC. Yes you read that right 3,500 BC, like they say, class is timeless.

It is known that wholecuts cannot worn be worn with everything and we at Bonford agree. These unique pieces of art should only be let out on special occasions.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in whole cut leather shoes:

    • Shows your minimal best

Whole cuts sport

Whole cuts sport a minimalistic design sure to highlight you as a well bred man amongst boys.

    • Molds the shape of your feet

Leather whole cuts

Leather whole cuts are sure to conform to the shape of your feet and giving you a lean appearance.

    • Only highest quality of leather is used

Leather Wholecuts

Unlike other shoes, wholecuts as mentioned before, only have a single piece of unblemished, uniform and thick leather with minimal stitching, sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Leather Wholecuts have always been considered a symbol of simplicity and will highly complement people who prefer pairing their wholecut leather shoes with suits, business professional attire, and tuxedos.

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  • Ajay Talwar

    Please, do you have a more round toed last? Looking for brogues and whole cut shoes. Thanks