How To Protect Leather Shoes From The Summer Heat

| James Arthur

In this scorching summer heat the only concern you must be having while wearing your high-end shoes is saving your leather shoes from heat and we get it, they were expensive, why shouldn’t you care for them? The wrath of the summer heat is as damaging to your shoes as it is to your skin.

If your shoes be it oxfords, monks, or derbys, are looking a bit different than usual in summers then here’s some advice on how to protect leather shoes from the season :


1. Keep shoes away from direct sunlight

Keep shoes away from direct sunlight

Keeping your shoes under direct sunlight can lead to discoloration of leather and may cause the shoe to warp. Direct sunlight can also cause severe drying which may cause crackling.

It is advised to store shoes in a cool and dark place with slight humidity and ventilation to prevent fungal and mildew growth.


2. Dry your shoes after every wear

Dry your shoes

Moisture is your shoes’ worst enemy. After every use, dry off your leather shoes with a soft dry cloth. Then, bunch up some newspaper and stuff it inside your shoes to soak up any remaining moisture. But, do not put your shoes near direct any direct heat source, allow them to dry out naturally.


3. Avoid keeping socks in shoes

socks in shoes

Socks if left inside the shoes will wear the shoes out at a faster rate. Sock material usually absorbs feet perspiration which leads to unpleasant and foul odor. So, especially during summers, it is best advised to avoid keeping the socks inside the shoes.


4. Do not wear the same pair daily

shoe pair

The aforementioned ‘avoid moisture like a plague’ concept follows here too. Wearing the same shoes in the summer heat can lead to moisture buildup, which could lead to bacterial buildup, which will eventually lead to pungent and foul smell in both your feet and shoes. Mix it up a little, try on another pair while you allow the previous one to dry out.


5. Clean your shoes on a regular basis

Clean your shoes

Just like your body and clothes, your shoes also crave for hygiene. Cleaning and conditioning is as important for your leather shoes as polishing or waxing. It is advised to clean your shoes before every polish during summers.

A little extra effort of spraying shoes with water resistant sprays will make sure your shoes stay protected in case of sudden downpour.


6. Proper storage is vital

Proper storage

If you have a pair of high-grade, expensive leather shoes, it would be best to not keep them in plastic bags. To put it simply, plastic is not a breathable material and leather needs aeration to keep it dry.

We would advise you to invest in shoe trees. A Shoe tree is a wooden shoe shaped block inserted inside the shoe for storage. It helps maintain the shoes shape while keeping at bay, the moisture and the foul smell that comes along with it.

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