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10 Luxury Cars Every Man Covets

| Anoushka Thapliyal

A Luxury car is an unnecessary divulgence which every man (and woman) desires. Luxury cars by definition are an object of great comfort and elegance which obviously comes at a great expense. There are several factors adding to the car’s luxury tag. These cars have more power, newest technology, and unmatched comfort, which explains the wish to own one.

Jaguar XJ | Born to perform

Jaguar XJ
Source: Audi

Price: $75,400 - $122,400

According to the company the car is a perfect combination of cutting edge technology, sporting vehicle dynamics and opulent luxury.

The car has a great moving design, comfortable interiors, a powerful engine with a stop/start feature to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The car is strong yet light with the aluminium unibody chassis, it has a perfect front-to-rear weight distribution. According the makers, “you never travel in XJ, you are transported to another place”.

Maserati Quattroporte | Excellence through passion

Maserati Quattroporte
Source: Maserati

Price: $214,990 - $209,990

A sedan with formidable luxury, unique vitality and newest technology. The car is surprisingly agile for such a big sedan.

The newest version has an updated electric power steering system with added safety and driver assistance features. The car can cover large distances at dynamic yet refined high speed with a choice of two mighty petrol engines and one diesel. Maserati is an exceptional sedan indeed.

Porsche Panamera | There is no substitute

Porsche Panamera
Source: Porsche

Price: $85,000 - 195,000

A car that is one step further from the rest, Porsche panamera concept relies on the notion that performance and comfort are not contradictory. It has 4+1 seating, generous head and legroom, substantial load capacity, chassis control systems, driver assistance and safety systems to intensify your driving experience.

The interior of the car is made from fine leather and wood finishing with the engine variety of 3.0-litre V6 and 3.8-litre V8. The car is all about performance.

Lexus LS | Experience amazing

Lexus LS
Source: Lexus

Price: $76,025 - 84,220

The luxury sedan offers a great driver and passenger experience. Using premium artwood trims and kiriko cut glass and other expensive accessories, the interior of the car is made by master craftsman Takumi.

It’s a multistage hybrid prestige luxury sedan with a low centre of gravity and adaptive variable suspension. To add to the luxury, it has rear seat butterfly headrests, seven distinct massage settings, and innovations like apple carplay compatibility. The feel of the car goes beyond senses.

Audi A8 | Audi is more

Audi A8
Source: Audi

Price: $82,500 - $115,900

The car offers an oasis of relaxation with the future of piloted driving experience. R8 has Wide single-frame grille, sporty roof line, coupé-like silhouette, unmistakable quattro architecture, optional OLED technology in the rear lights and more.

Feel at home on the road, with large head and leg room and comfortable seats. The choice of turbo charged engines include a diesel of petrol with an electrical system, giving it the status of a mild hybrid.

Range Rover | The power to take you anywhere

Range Rover
Source:Land rover USA

Price: $88,860 - $177,200

Range rover offers first class travel experience.The seats have grained leather with passenger and driver memory with the reclinable rear seats; a four seater comfort with five seater versatility.

The car not only has a great vibe but great performance as well. It delivers a refined and well connected drive with in-car information system providing information and entertainment on a 10 inch touchscreen, all while the rover goes from 0 to 100 Km/h in 7.1 seconds.

Bentley Mulsanne | Together we are extraordinary

Bentley Mulsanne
Source: Bentley motors

Price: $335,600 - $405,471

The exclusivity and craftsmanship is of Bentley is unmatched. The car has 4+1 seat configuration with seats made from premium grade hide, available in 24 colors.

Beneath the bonnet there’s a twin turbocharged V8 engine which accelerates from 0 to 100 Km/h in 5.3 seconds.

The car has it’s road presence with eye catching front grille made from bright vertical stainless steel vanes. The car appears to be wide yet sleek, low and connected to the road. On every road, Bentley is a car taken seriously.

Mercedes Benz S Class | The best or nothing

Mercedes Benz S Class
Source: Mercedes benz

Price: $89,900 - $2500,900

A car popular for its unbeatable luxury is a masterpiece offering refinement, driving pleasure and safety. Apart from high grade interiors the new version has “Energizing comfort”, a mood changing technology which will utilize air balance, multicolor ambient lighting and contour seats to enhance physical comfort.

Under the bonnet there’s a V6 biturbo engine which goes from 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. It also has route based speed adaptation which uses radar sensors and map data to anticipate upcoming turns, roundabouts and intersections. With every modification, Mercedes keeps redefining luxury mobility.

BMW 7 Series | Driving Luxury

BMW 7 Series
Source: BMW

Price: $83,100 - $96,400

The luxury car has an elegant form with broad frame of large active air stream kidney grille with connected adaptive LED headlights. It has gesture control, advanced voice control, navigation system, entertainment on a 10.25 inch touchscreen. BMW has redefined headlights with laserlight with a range upto 600 metres, double the range of conventional headlights.

The upholstery is made from exclusive leather 'Nappa' in Canberra Beige or Dark Coffee colors. The interior trims are made with fine-wood trim American Oak with metal inlay.

The brand promises optimum combination of driving comfort, dynamics and efficiency.

Rolls Royce Phantom | Trusted to deliver excellence

Rolls Royce Phantom
Source: Rolls-Royce

Price: $450,000 - $600,000

The VIII generation has a short front overhang and a long bonnet. The interior of the car has a fully bespoke art fixture that runs the width of the front dash. It has panoramic camera system, adaptive cruise control, night vision, high-definition head up display and much more.

A private jet on a road, the company assures a privacy suite. The brand says, “the privacy suite of the car transforms the rear cabin into a haven of tranquility in which you can enjoy every exquisite moment undisturbed.”

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