5 Things people notice at first glance

| Anoushka Thapliyal

The feeling of anxiety when meeting someone new, the uneasiness of walking into a crowded room full of strangers, is all too real.

At least once in our lifetime, we’ve stood in front of a stranger and felt scrutinized. It’s a sudden nakedness you can’t comprehend so you just stand and wait for the judgement to pass. But why are they judging you? Here are first 5 things people notice about you before you’ve had a chance to introduce yourself.



What you wear matters, ‘enough said. No matter how handsome your face, magnanimous your personality people will always look at your clothes first. I believe your clothes define your personality. You feel gloomy or dull you prefer wearing dark and muted colors. You feel happy and elated you go for light and bright clothes.

So next time if you want to charm someone’s pants off, try to look your best. People should like you even before you’ve opened your mouth and the only way to do that is with your attire.



Whenever eating in a restaurant you must have noticed the server paying attention to some customers while giving a cold shoulder to others. Some people get sparkling water and some people don’t even get the menu. Really! Where’s my menu dude?

The reason they do this is because they are judgemental people who assess your clothes and body language even before coming to your table.

They determine who holds authority in the group and will do anything to keep them pleased. Confidence and authority is easily detectable. Nobody wants to waste their second glance on a person who lacks confidence.




How long it has been since you last cut your hair? How long has been since you last washed or conditioned it? Do you even comb it regularly? Grooming is not only essential but one of the first things people notice about you. Unkempt and dirty hair depicts your uncaring and ignorant attitude.



I’ve said it once, i’ve said it a million times. Shoes are important for a man. They are your status symbol, your personal style, your self expression. One look at your shoes and i would know how much care you’ve really put into your look.

Your shoes should always go with your overall look. You can’t just wear crocs with a suit can you? My point exactly.

Keep your formal shoes clean, tidy, and always remember a little shine never hurts anybody.



Sometimes showering isn’t enough. Through the course of the day, your body perspires and it’s a natural process. What isn’t though? Your overwhelming body musk. There’s no better way to repel people than by your stench.

A little deodorant after every shower should do the trick. For big events like a date or a meeting, a nice designer perfume can help you in ways you can’t even comprehend.

Imagine walking out of a room and people saying, ah, he smelled so nice”. That’s exactly what you should strive for.

Stay healthy and handsome my lads. Do keep the aforementioned points in mind the next time you meet someone new. There’s wondrous power to first impressions, you just need to work a little harder to experience that wonder.

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