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Things you would never find in a gentleman's wardrobe

| James Arthur

Things you would never find in a gentleman's wardrobe

Some men play off their shabby selves as a token to their indifference towards fashion and since nobody corrects them, they believe that they have peaked at effortless dressing style. These everyday, simple mistakes are so heavily engraved at the back of our minds, we don’t even realize where we are going wrong.

Not to be harsh but there are quite a few mistakes men, both amatauer and aged, tend to make while experimenting with fashion. Here are some not so innocent fashion mistakes you have been making all your life:

#1 To tuck or not to tuck

To tuck or not to tuck, this notion has been bothering men since the 19th century. Now, don’t get us wrong, untucked looks have been garnering great appreciation in the media, but there are some shirts that should never be left untucked.

gentleman's shoes

It is quite easily to tell whether the shirt is meant to be tucked or not.

Here are some shirts which should always be tucked:

  • Shirts with uneven hemline, with “tails” on the front
  • Any dress shirt
  • Long sleeved, front buttoned shirt
Source:The modest man

On the other hand you can always go for the untucked and causal look.

Here are some shirts which look better untucked:

  • Polo shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Shirts with loud prints (eg; Hawaiian shirts)

#2 Choosing the wrong pair of shoes

You can always tell alot about a man depending on the shoes he is wearing. Whether we talk about ancient Egyptian civilization, Louis the ⅩⅣ or Salvatore Ferragamo, Shoes have always been a status symbol representing wealth (or lack thereof) in several cultures.

wrong pair
Source: Pinterest

Picking the right shoe is always very difficult.

Here are some outfits which can stray you wrong:

  • Sandals or flip flops with suit
  • Sneakers/Trainers with trousers (both full length and cropped)
  • Flip flops with jeans
  • Wrong boots with jeans (boots other than chelsea or chukka don’t pair well with denim jeans)
pair well
Source: Aliexpress

Another mistake men tend to make is pairing expensive leather dress shoes with the wrong outfits, culminating a disastrous look.

Attain a suave look by avoiding these:

  • Slip on leather dress shoes with a tuxedo
  • Cheap leather square toed leather shoes with any ensemble (they make the silhouette of the feet seem unflattering)
  • Black wholecut leather shoes with jeans
  • Double monks with baggy trousers
  • Brogues with jeans
  • Winklepickers with any outfit

High quality leather shoes always have a high impact on the overall outfit which would fail miserably if your shoes don’t compliment your clothes.

Brogues with jeans
Source: Taft clothing
wholecut leather shoes
leather dress shoes
Source: Fantasy shoe

#3 The dilemma with accessories

Using bold accessories have always been appreciated but one should know when to draw the line. Even though accessories are an expression of your personality, It’s always important not to go overboard. Bold shirts, patterned ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, bright bow ties, funky socks, etc, should be kept at a minimum of 3-4 pieces.

dilemma with accessories
Source: Aliexpress
Source: Royal Fashionist

The accessories will shine so long as the attire is muted or neutral toned. Too many pieces will always take the observer's eye from the important features.

Remember, accessories are supposed to complement the outfit and not become the outfit.

#4 Going for shiny/ neon clothing

The only bright thing in your outfit should be your well polished dress shoes. It takes a lot of courage to carry bedazzled, neon colored clothing, the kind of courage no one requires. Remember the look you’re going for is classy and high-toned and not a flashy traffic light holding a ‘please give me some attention’ sign above your head.

neon clothing
Source: Design by humans
Source: Glowroad

Things to avoid:

  • Anything neon (apart from sportswear)
  • Embossed T-shirts/Shirts
  • Clothes with synthetic fabric which shines under light

Nobody has ever gotten attention while asking for it. Pro tip- When in doubt go for neutral and warm tones

#5 Clothes that are a size too big or too small

Wearing wrong size clothing have been a problem haunting men since the birth of retail. Whether its comfort, easy mobility or just laziness ;oversized suits, shirts, pants or jeans should never be donned for any reason whatsoever.

During the victorian era, men's clothing was stitched to make the appearance of a man look larger thereby making the clothes a size too big in certain areas, and tailoring some areas too closely, to show them off. But in the present day, wearing clothes larger than your size can make you look shabby, unkempt and uncaring, which i’m sure is an image you don’t wish to carry.

The same terrifying issue is observed on the other side of the pole, with men buying shoes smaller than their sizes. 80% men end up buying shoes in the wrong size. Poor fitting dress shoes can lead to blisters and severe pain, no matter how good they look. It’s always better to do a bit of research on your shoe size before buying the perfect pair.

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