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What to wear with leather brogues

| James Arthur

Brogues non arguably are one of the most appreciated dress shoes that can be styled with almost anything in your wardrobe. Originally designed as a shoe for the working class, leather brogues have evolved into a versatile style of men’s footwear.

The brogue is a shoe style with low heel, generally characterised by a multiple piece leather upper with decorative perforations and serrations along its visible edges. Brogue shoes can be crafted with several kinds of heel caps, toe caps, lace caps and ornamental broguing. With all this variety, the question that comes to mind is, what to wear with brogue shoes?

Consequently, mentioned below are a few things you should consider before pairing different kinds of brogue:


Quarter brogue

Whenever going for a classic, simple and business attire like three piece suits or tuxedos, full bogues should be avoided, instead formal wear is best complemented with quarter brogues leather shoes. For color, subtle and muted tones like deep brown, black or if you’re feeling adventurous navy or dark green would suit perfectly.


Semi brogue

A bit less formal than quarter brogues, Semi brogues are regarded perfect if going for a business casual look. Dark brown or black semi brogue leather shoes can easily be worn with tweed (rough, woolen fabric), casual worsted sports coats and brown suits. They also pair well with dark denims, T-shirts with dark blazers.


Full brogue

Wingtips are perfect for country and casual ensembles. These masterpieces pair well with dark jeans and patterned shirt. Full brogues look great with chinos and casual trousers. ‘

Light colored leather brogues are a little tricky but can be carried elegantly with a pinstripe suit giving off a well thought out vintage look.

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