A Bonford shoe care instructions extends
lifespan, ensures longevity


Clean your

A periodical correct procedure to clean your shoes transforms a dreary-seeking job into a satisfying process. Wipe off or brush your shoes using a moist cloth to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating.

Use conditioning cream

A second most important step is nourishment of the leather. In every two-three weeks, use a small portion of conditioner cream on the shoes to prevent it from dehydrating, cracking or drying out.

Apply a quality shoe wax

Apply wax polish on the shoes preferably of same leather color, dabbed in a soft cotton cloth wrapped around your two fingers. This step restores the finishing, color and creates in-depth higher shine.

Store using wooden shoe trees

To maintain the shape of a leather, insert a wooden cedar shoe tree in your shoes. Shoe trees can help in absorbing the moisture and will avoid creasing by supporting the upper.

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